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Tim Reid: Ex-President B.E.T., Producer, Director of “Asunder”
“You’re not afraid to just Go For It 100%!”
Blair Underwood: Director, Producer, Actor in “Asunder” 

“Amazingly Talented!”
Aaron Jackson: Producer, Actor, Acting Coach
“You are a Good Actress with a Natural Comic Ability, but more than that, You ARE F’n Funny!”
Edward B. Sherman: Writer, Director, Producer of “Full Moon Fables”
"Desi is among my favorites when it comes to people I have worked with. She always came to the set prepared, with an uncanny ability to elevate a role or scene, whether comedic or dramatic, beyond what I thought was  possible going into it…a Writers dream, in that she can get the most out of even the tritest of dialogue…a Director's dream, in that she comes to the set with good cheer, great preparation and enormous talent…a Producer's dream, in that she understands the workings of a set, treats her co-workers with the greatest of respect and never gives anything other than her Best..!
John Pallotta: NYC Award-Winning Playwright, Actor, Master Coach
“Most impressively, when Desi is performing, she doesn’t serve up a bowl of re-microwaved Vivien Leigh—her acting is smart with original characterization. Instead of being a faded flower, she is a strong, intelligent, self-motivated woman who can command a stage. A weakling she’s not. Her Commitment to a role is why you will hire her." 

Meg Ryan: Actor, Director of "ITHICA"

“You nailed the audition!”